Titanium Series X-Wing Fighter Review

Titanium Series X-Wing Fighter Review | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures For A More Civilised Age

Black Series, 2015

Appears in: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi

Given how the Prequels showed us a steady evolution towards the ships of the Original Trilogy you would have been forgiven for thinking that the Episode VII spacecraft would take a similar stylistic leap forward. Thankfully that isn’t the case, as JJ Abrams and Lucasfilm recognised the value of retaining the iconic X-Wing and TIE Fighter designs with only minor tweaks.

The new designs look good and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them in action. You really can’t beat a classic though, and so despite the choice of several Resistance and First Order vehicles, my first Titanium Series purchase was the Black Series X-Wing Fighter: Red Five edition.

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