Star Wars Black Series at NYCC 2019

Star Wars Black Series at New York Comic Com 2019 | Green Card Back

The US convention season has drawn to a close once more with New York Comic Con, and Hasbro were once again on-hand to drop official images of several upcoming releases for the 6″ Black Series Star Wars toy line.

Click through to see the best of Star Wars at NYCC 2019!

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Vintage Collection: Sale and Return

Star Wars Vintage Collection figures on sale at The Entertainer, UK | Green Card Back

What a week it’s been for my 3.75″ Star Wars collection. Thanks to the UK’s high street toy shop The Entertainer I added the Imperial Assault Tank Driver, two Range Troopers and Enfys Nest to the ranks – my largest single purchase for some time.

For sure, the sale price helped hugely. But each of these three figures are ones that I have been waiting on for some time, particularly Enfys Nest. And that’s not something I’ve been able to say about Star Wars for a while…

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Star Wars POTF2: The Second Wave

Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian & Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) action figures from Power of the Force (POTF2) Wave 2 | Green Card Back

POTF2 Strikes Back!

The second wave of Power of the Force (POTF2) hit retail in late summer 1995 (at the same time as wave one for those of us in the UK). This assortment comprised of just three figures: Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot), Lando Calrissian and Boba Fett.

It was a character selection that took the fledgling line beyond A New Hope and straight into The Empire Strikes Back, with Snowspeeder Pilot Luke Skywalker (ignore the card back nomenclature and look at the grey gloves and boots) becoming the first new version of a character produced since 1985.

At a third of the size of wave one, this selection worked more as a addition to the first nine figures than a like-for-like follow up. Yet it still added a new dimension to the play possibilities. Lando Calrissian was another pilot for the Millennium Falcon, and Boba Fett another foe for the Rebels to fight. Meanwhile the new Luke Skywalker looked right at home in the cockpit of the X-Wing Fighter. This figure also became the first signal that we were going to get a whole lotta Luke in this line… but then that’s a topic that deserves an article to itself.

It’s true that Lando embodies the worst muscular excesses of early POTF2. Was the slimmed down Power of the Jedi Lando Calrissian (Bespin Escape) welcome by 2001? Of course. But as the picture shows, these toys still work together as a collective whole.

The second wave of POTF2 brought hype and new characters to the fledgling line – in other words, it did exactly what it needed to do. Not bad going for a stop-gap release.


I Was Wrong About The Last Jedi and This is Why

We Need to Talk About Luke | Green Card Back

After watching the Solo teaser trailers back at the start of February my wife asked me a simple question. Having seen The Last Jedi, was I happier now that new Star Wars films were being made?

I thought about it for a few moments before answering honestly – no. As great as Rogue One is, its existence is not worth the damage that the other films have made to the franchise.

This, I realised, is why I was wrong about The Last Jedi.

So what was I wrong about? The arguments have been heard across the internet since December, and it’s not my intention to revisit them all in my own words. What this article has always been intended to do, both as it originally existed and through the revisions I’ve made since, is to attempt to draw a line from George Lucas’ saga of Episodes I-VI to the latest instalments to try and understand if there’s any kind of craftsmanship at play in the Sequel Trilogy at all – or at the very least any basic respect for what went before.

As a primer I recommend you read We Need to Talk About Han, an article I wrote in March 2016 that set out the issues of The Force Awakens and the responsibilities inherent in creating a sequel.

Are y’all caught up? Great stuff. Let’s push on.

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