A Closer Look at The Last Jedi

Disney used the D23 exposition to release new character posters and a video from behind-the-scenes of this December’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Together with the teaser trailer we’re getting a bit more of a sense of how the film will feel, if not necessarily how it will play out. There are positives – Rey looking very cool with her cloak and lightsaber, amongst some impressive visuals – but it’s difficult to take all of the “new, unique Star Wars” ego-stroking seriously after the similar praise that marched ahead of The Force Awakens.

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How The Force Awakens Can Still Work

Reboot Theory - How The Force Awakens Works | Green Card Back

Personally (as you may have guessed since this is my second successive post on the topic), I’m still struggling with The Force Awakens.

New Star Wars will always be exciting, no question – it’s the single most-important cultural mythology of the last century. But knowing that I’m being fleeced as part of a deliberate and calculated marketing plan tempers my enthusiasm by incalculable degrees, especially when the new entry to the series is as underwhelming a sequel as The Force Awakens was. But then (and this is what Disney is counting on), it’s still Star Wars.

Today I came across a point of view that gave voice to my concerns and helped me to realign my feelings on Disney’s stewardship. Given that this is currently proving the single most divisive event across fandom, I thought it might be useful to share this take on the subject…

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The Force Awakens Trailer #3

It’s 4:30am on a work night here in the UK, so why am I posting rather than sleeping?

Because of this:

It was accident rather than design that I woke up when I did but I’m not complaining! Finally, after years of waiting, we’re getting an extended look at The Force Awakens.

My initial thoughts:

  • The trailer focuses on Rey, Finn and Kylo. Will this be the main dynamic?
  • Those dogfights look genuinely epic.
  • What is Kylo doing to Poe?
  • We get a bigger sense of the characters of the new “big three” but very little in terms of plot.
  • The new score feels tonally very different to what has come before, more layered. I think John Williams is going to deliver in a big way.
  • That red (bad?) robot was a delightful surprise.
  • That is a big explosion.

It’s nice to get a bit more context about the characters, but on reflection (and a little more sleep) I would have liked to have seen more about the story, even just the basic premise. There are still plenty of unanswered questions (and I’m not going to ask where Luke is since that’s clearly a major plot point) but even now we still only have a few more clues to try and piece it all together with.

Still, it looks exciting and thoroughly well made. It also looks sufficiently like the future of Star Wars.

Normal action figure posts will resume shortly; but until then… MTFBWY

Don’t Look Back

Don't Look Back | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995-2000
Don’t Look Back – Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn

So, just 60 days to go until The Force Awakens and apparently we’re due a brand new trailer and poster tomorrow evening. Is it exciting? Yes, definitely. Am I warming to the merchandise at all? Still no, although seeing so much stuff with the Star Wars logo on it again is pretty cool.

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An Ambitious Man

POTF2 Captain Piett action figure | Green Card Back
An Ambitious Man – Captain Piett, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper

Given this figure is called Captain Piett you would assume that it’s based on all 30 seconds of Piett’s screen time in The Empire Strikes Back before he earns his promotion – however, the two by six bars of his rank insignia badge coupled with the two code cylinders indicate that this figure is in fact an Admiral. And yes, I had to look that up; I couldn’t say that Imperial rank has ever been my strong point… Continue reading