Black Series Enfys Nest & Swoop Bike Available for Pre-Order

Star Wars Black Series Enfys Nest & Swoop Bike on Pre-Order | Green Card Back

One of the coolest breakout characters from Solo is getting more than just a regular release this July – the 6″ Black Series Enfys Nest figure comes packed with her very own ride.

As leader of the Cloud Riders, a group of swoop bike riding pirate marauders, Enfys Nest is amongst my favourite of Disney’s additions to the saga. From the obvious reasons (again, she’s the leader of a group of swoop bike riding pirate marauders) to the more idiosyncratic (young women kicking ass is a particular favourite trope of mine), this release is one of my most anticipated Black Series announcements in quite some time.

Enfys Nest Black Series Figure | Green Card Back

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been reasonably well serviced by Black Series figures so far with a mainstream lineup equivalent to what we saw for Rogue One; Solo has so far seen 6 characters in 6″ (with a further two announced), while Rogue One is currently sitting at 8 non-exclusive releases. Whether we see more over the coming months is debatable, although any of the characters as they appear on Mimban would work for me – Beckett in particular stealing most of the scenes in that sequence.

Enfys Nest on Speeder Bike from Hasbro's Star Wars Black Series | Green Card Back

Enfys Nest and Swoop Bike is available to pre-order in the UK and Europe from these fine online retailers:

Get your pre-order in now and bring the magic of pirate marauder swoop bikers to your collection…

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The Best NYTF 2018 Star Wars Reveals

Star Wars New York Toy Fair 2018 Action Figure Reveals | Green Card Back

The mid-February weekend marks every toy nerd’s favourite time of year – New York Toy Fair. Each year the big guns of the toy world set out their wares for the next 6-9 months, giving us our first glimpse of how our collections are going to take shape.

Last year’s NYTF was a disappointment for this collector as far as Star Wars was concerned; the repack heavy and entirely cynical 40th Anniversary Black Series line failed to hit the mark. Meanwhile the Tatooine themed Black Series 3.75″ wave (more repacks, but at least ones I would buy) looked good but didn’t even make it to these shores.

We already knew that the Vintage Collection was coming back at some point this year while the first wave of 6″ Solo: A Star Wars Story figures were revealed this week, but we didn’t know how the rest of the line was going to shake out. Would Hasbro bring the goods to make a success of things this year?

The answer was a resounding yes. Click through to see the most exciting Star Wars reveals from NYTF 2018!

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Back to Black

It’s been a little while since I’ve had the opportunity to take any action figures out for a photo shoot, but the recent changing of the clocks has sharpened my focus. This weekend I took a couple of hours to go for a walk with a bag full of Black Series, resulting in the following pictures of plastic goodness…

These were the strongest of all the shots that I took. They’re definitely not quite up to Sgt. Bananas quality, but overall I’m still pretty happy with these considering the short amount of time I was out. The darkness… it falls early now.

It’s been a long while since I last took the opportunity to get out and attempt to get some good shots. More often than not I’m content to rely on found images and studio-style pictures to illustrate articles and reviews (although studio style shots do suit reviews the best, to be fair). Taking the time to do this has served as a great reminder that these highly-articulated plastic lumps are all characters in their own right – and every now and again it’s good to play with them as such.

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Which is the Best 3.75″ Kylo Ren Figure?

Best 3.75" Kylo Ren Figure | Green Card Back

One, Two, Three Times a Knight of Ren…

For a character deliberately designed to ape the success of Darth Vader, Kylo Ren is not off to a bad start – after one film he’s already the most interesting of Disney’s additions to the saga, and there’s the promise of plenty more to come in the next two instalments.

Since the release of The Force Awakens back in 2015 Hasbro has been quick to capitalise on the popularity of the troubled Ben Solo, releasing no fewer than eight 3.75” figures and counting. The kitbashed version released on a Rogue One card recently came into my possession, leading me to this rather particular question:

Which Kylo Ren action figure from The Force Awakens is the best?

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Star Wars Celebration 2017

Star Wars Celebration 2017 | Green Card Back

Lucasfilm pulled out all the stops for the 40th Anniversary Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this weekend. The debut teaser trailer for The Last Jedi may have stolen the headlines, but there were plenty more reveals and news items released over the weekend to keep us all looking forward.

If you’re a Star Wars fan with an interest in collecting, gaming and the old EU, then you’re in the right place – and these are the #SWCO reveals that might be of the most interest to you…

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