Power of the Force 2

Star Wars: Power of the Force (POTF2) | Green Card Back

In 1995, 10 years after Star Wars action figures left the shelves, Hasbro brought the toy line roaring back to life with the release of the Power of the Force line.

Affectionately dubbed POTF2 by fans to differentiate from the 1980’s line of the same name, the new figures opened the world of Star Wars toys to the next generation and took the series to staggering new heights between 1995 and 2000.

POTF2 presented an objective improvement over the vintage line from the very first wave. While the line initially came under fire from some collectors due to the buff superhero-inspired designs, it didn’t take long for Hasbro to iron out the kinks and produce the definitive original trilogy action figure line.


Wave 1



As an early member of the second generation of Star Wars fandom (born in ’83, obsessed by ’87), Power of the Force 2 is my Star Wars toy line. I do understand some of the complaints about the buff sculpts but, much like the criticism of Jar Jar Binks, the negativity of aggrieved collectors often outweighs the actual issues they’re raising.

POTF2 was better than the vintage line, hands down. But it doesn’t even need the comparison. From decals and paint to the sculpted details to the sheer range of characters available, Hasbro went all in on making this line as good as it could be. What’s more, it was a toy line first and foremost – a fact seemingly forgotten by fans in the years since.

If you collect modern Star Wars action figures of any scale, you have POTF2 to thank for bringing it all back.

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