Star Wars IRL #2: May the Toys Be With You!

Star Wars In Real Life #2 - May the Toys Be With You | Green Card Back

Palitoy is a name familiar to vintage Star Wars toy collectors the world over. However, it wasn’t until I attended Leicester New Walk Museum’s May the Toys Be With You exhibition that I realised quite how close to home the toy company actually was…

Running to the end of October, May the Toys Be With You is home to a breathtaking retrospective on vintage Star Wars action figures and posters. We had a great time soaking up the nostalgia these old items evoked – and given you’re here, I imagine you’d enjoy it too.

Click through to see some of that glorious vintage plastic crack!

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Blown Away by Star Wars Anime

Blown Away by Star Wars Anime - TIE Fighter Pilot | Green Card Back

Imagine if George Lucas took the Japanese inspiration for Star Wars a little further back in the 1970s and produced an anime film instead. Pretty enticing, huh?

Well, that scenario is a little easier to envision now thanks to talented animator and Star Wars fan Ahriman…

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Positive Fandom #1: The Story

The Story of Star Wars | Green Card Back

The Art of Storytelling

As a lifelong Star Wars fan (born in ’83 and raised on the Original Trilogy while still young enough to enjoy the Prequels), the Disney era has been pretty tough to take so far. That’s been reflected by a rising cynicism in my posts here, which, while understandable given the current state of Star Wars, isn’t exactly how I want to celebrate my fandom of the greatest film saga in Western culture.

With Solo only weeks away it’s time to heed the call of the light and bring balance to the blog. Welcome to the first part of a series about why Star Wars is so special – and where else to start but with the story itself?

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