Star Wars: Scene 38… Re-Imagined

Scene 38 - Vader vs Obi-Wan Re-Imagined | Green Card Back

From the breathtaking finesse of the Theed Hanger Duel in The Phantom Menace to the epic theatrics of Anakin vs Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith, there’s no doubt that the Prequel Trilogy introduced a greater level of visual spectacle to the Star Wars saga.

If you remove the rose-tinted glasses, at 42 years old A New Hope is starting to show its age – and nowhere is this more obvious than in the rematch between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader.

Slow and stilted, for years we convinced ourselves that this was due to it being a duel between an out-of-practice old man and an amputee cyborg. Yet from Yoda vs Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones to Vader’s onslaught in Rogue One, it’s increasingly hard to countenance that Kenobi’s final fight was restricted by anything other than available film production techniques.

This is where VFX artist Christopher Clements, better known by his YouTube handle FXitinPost, has come to the rescue…

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Star Wars Fan Films: A New Hope?

Star Wars Fan Films: A New Hope? | Green Card Back

Fan films of any stripe used to garner negative reactions, whether from the general public or even the wider, non-filmmaking, fan base. Star Wars fan films have been no exception to this; in fact, they’ve often been bad enough to justify the criticism.

But in recent years the standard of these films has gotten much higher, and we’re now at a point where fan-produced Star Wars content is good enough to sit alongside the official product. As someone who’s struggled to get fully on board with Disney’s take on the story it makes me happy to see the work of these talented, passionate fans, which more often than not ends up being far more in-line with my own take on the saga.

It was Oscar Isaac’s great reaction to The Last Jedi backlash that got me thinking about fan films again. His hope that disgruntled viewers would produce their own work struck a chord with me; after all, it’s one thing to critique from the sidelines, but something else entirely to put your own passion project out there.

Since falling down the fan film rabbit hole a few productions in particular have stood out for me. Click through for some of the very best Star Wars fan films out there!

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