4 Reasons Why Solo: A Star Wars Story Might Not Suck

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The Han Solo anthology film finally has a title, folks… And it is precisely as inspired as the idea of a Harrison Ford-less Han Solo origin story.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is brought to us by director Ron Howard and the father/son writing team of Lawrence and Jon Kasdan (although given the senior Kasdan’s involvement in The Force Awakens this isn’t exactly a positive). It’s scheduled for release on 25th May 2018, AKA the original Star Wars day.

After reading the announcement last night even my wife, who isn’t a huge Star Wars fan, commented on how uninspired the name is.

Of course despite the fired directors, the dodgy writers, the unnecessary concept and the bland name, there are still reasons to be optimistic for Solo… right?

Of course there are – and since you asked, here are a few hot takes on why Solo: A Star Wars Story might not be a complete disaster…

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Bringing the Rogue Home


Yesterday fans up and down the UK were collecting their copies of Rogue One on DVD and Blu Ray, and I was no exception (also picking up a free YA novel adaptation of the film from Sainsburys, which was a nice bonus). The Blu Ray has taken instant pride of place on the shelf, and tonight is booked in for travelling back to that galaxy far, far away and enjoying the finest Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back.

Yep, it really is that good.

It will be interesting to see how well the film ages. Of the Lucas films even Revenge of the Sith has had over a decade to mature, making it’s easier to be objective and consider each episode on its own actual merits, free from hype. Rogue One was amazing upon release, and again on each subsequent viewing. Yet if something does eventually break the spell, how many viewings will it take for that to happen? After all, I’ve now seen the OT so many times that I sometimes struggle through the Battle of Yavin or the Battle of Hoth – does a similar fate await the Battle of Scarif? I hope not, but only time will tell.

Either way, it’s only a hypothetical concern at the moment. Right now for Star Wars fans it’s all about the present, and savouring the most exciting home release since 2005.

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Rogue One: Right the Second Time

Rogue One Spoiler Free Review

A spoiler-free review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

While some over-exuberant fans praised The Force Awakens for taking them back to their childhoods, there was a significant portion of the Star Wars fandom who felt that the recycled plot, confusing character arcs and return to a status quo resolved in Return of the Jedi was not satisfactory. The charm, or magic as some called it was certainly present in whispered glimpses; but these glimpses could only disguise the shallow plot machinations and rushed production if you consciously chose not to look. With another year to gestate The Force Awakens could have been good; the characters and their arcs could have taken true form. Unfortunately money talks, and it was not to be.

One year later and where The Force Awakens failed, Rogue One has succeeded – and spectacularly.

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The Rogue One Trailer is Here!

I know everyone on this site will have seen it already, but here’s the latest trailer for the upcoming Rogue One

So, at least as far as we can gather, the Rogue One re-shoots are to make sure that the film has a smoother tonal fit with A New Hope and to add more scenes with an existing character from the series.

These are both fair reasons for a franchise film (the artistic ship has sailed, remember), although I hope for Gareth Edwards’ sake that the changes benefit the finished product and don’t lead to years of bad blood and recriminations. As much as Disney screwing it up so soon would be a vindication for a certain point of view, it’s definitely not in the best interests of the short to mid-term health of the franchise.

Whatever happens with the film, the trailer looks good. Of course, we’ve been burned by that before

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