Fought in the Clone Wars

Vintage Collection Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker | Green Card Back

The Vintage Collection Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars) figure goes down as my favourite SA rendition of pre-Vader. It’s colourful, well articulated, and looks how I always imagined the Anakin of the Clone Wars to look – like a genuine space knight. Of course it helps that the Clone Wars series did a lot to expand Anakin’s character, making him more likeable and far more the kind of person we imagined when Ben Kenobi described him as a friend.

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Wanted: Vintage Collection Ben Skywalker?

Is Ben Skywalker coming to the Vintage Collection? | Green Card Back

As well as announcing the upcoming return of Vintage Collection Star Wars action figures at last week’s Celebration, Hasbro also stated that the Fan’s Choice figure poll would, for the first time in a few years, be for the 3.75″ scale.

Exciting times, right? Over the last few years the fan poll has provided us with 6” versions of Darth Revan, Sabine Wren and the upcoming Jaina Solo; all Legends or Disney EU characters and (at least so far) all exceedingly popular.

It’s therefore little surprise that an active part of the fandom have united to push an EU character to the fore once again this year, and among the current front runners is… Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker.

If you’re new to Star Wars you may be thinking “he means Ben Solo, right?”, and well, my friend – you’d be wrong. Allow us to take you on a trip into the old Star Wars canon and meet the other recipient of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s assumed name…

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Figure Review: Luke Skywalker (POTF2)

Luke Skywalker Power of the Force (1995) Figure Review | Green Card Back

Power of the Force, 1995

Accessories: Lightsaber, Grappling Hook Blaster
Appears in: A New Hope

Card Back: Raised by his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru on their Tatooine moisture farm, young Luke dreamed of being a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. He realized his destiny after being saved from the Tusken Raiders by the mysterious Obi-Wan Kenobi, who told him of his past and began to teach the boy the ways of the Force. When the Empire killed Luke’s family, he and Kenobi set off to find Princess Leia, whose message hidden inside the droid R2-D2 beckoned them to join the Rebellion.

With the aid of smuggler Han Solo and his ship the Millennium Falcon, Luke and Obi-Wan saved the Princess, but at the cost of Kenobi’s life at the hands of the evil Darth Vader. His sacrifice allowed them to deliver the technical readouts for the Empire’s deadliest weapon, the Death Star, to the Rebel forces. The Rebel fleet used this information to find a weak spot in the Battle Station’s defenses and launched its attack. Luke then became a hero to the Rebellion by flying his T-65 X-Wing fighter through a furious dogfight to deliver the final blow.

They don’t make Star Wars card back bios like that anymore.

They also don’t make Star Wars figures like the 1995 Power of the Force Luke Skywalker anymore either, which is why this full-on action figure remains something of an anomaly – despite Hasbro releasing countless versions of the Tatooine farm boy since. So what makes the POTF2 Luke Skywalker so unique?

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Figure Review: Qui-Gon Jinn (Mos Espa Disguise)

POTJ Qui Gon Jinn (Mos Espa Disguise) Action Figure Review | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995-2000

Power of the Jedi, 2000

Accessories: Lightsaber, Poncho
Appears in: The Phantom Menace

Card Back: Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn has handled many difficult negotiations on behalf of the Jedi order. On some missions, he is required to wear a disguise. Bold and headstrong, he is willing to take any risk to restore lasting peace and security to the galaxy.

An earlier version of Qui-Gon Jinn in his Mos Espa poncho saw release in the Tatooine Showdown Cinema Scene set from The Phantom Menace toy line, but this was the first single carded version of Qui-Gon in this outfit. And unfortunately for the slave-rescuing Jedi Master, this release is a bit of a mixed bag…

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The Force Awakens: A Star Wars Celebration

Han Solo & Chewbacca: Star Wars EVII The Force Awakens Trailer | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995 - 2000 2015 Celebration Millennium Falcon
Han Solo & Chewbacca – Star Wars EVII: The Force Awakens

Exciting news! Friend of the site Eddie U alerted me to the fact that the RA-7 droid I picked up the other week was a repaint released with the OTC Sandcrawler, way back in 2004. Clearly the most important Star Wars-related event of the day, right?

Oh wait.

Yep. We’re home.

Live at Celebration and streamed to computers around the world, the second The Force Awakens trailer got its premiere today, and man, did it take my breath away. The first thing that got me was the sheer scale of that crashed Star Destroyer… and I was on tenterhooks from there on in.

And that’s been the same every single time I’ve watched it since.

Star Wars EVII: The Force Awakens Poster | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995 - 2000 2015 Celebration
Stormtroopers – Star Wars EVII: The Force Awakens

From “best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy” Poe Dameron to the incredible sight of Han and Chewie back together again, this was Star Wars. And it’s so, so good to have it back.


And we have to be grateful to Disney and Verizon because how good is the live streaming for the Celebration event? There were a few technical glitches on my end to begin with, but once I was up and running it was great to be able to feel a part of it all. And speaking of technical marvels, how good is BB-8 – and in real life?! I really wasn’t expecting that, but it was a joy to behold.

Anyway, the nature of the event meant that me and another orange-coloured fan favourite could enjoy the show whilst still being productive around the house…

Jar Jar Binks, The Force Awakens and me. Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995 - 2000
Cooking with the Binks – Jar Jar Binks

That’s how mesa roll.

Thank you JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy. Whatever happens with the finished film, having the opportunity to feel as thrilled about the franchise again as I do right now is already making it completely worth it.