Boba Fett (POTF2) Review

Boba Fett POTF2 Review | Green Card Back

Power of the Force, 1995

Accessories: Sawed-Off Blaster Rifle, Jet Pack
Appears in: Return of the Jedi

Card Back: The most notorious and fearsome bounty hunter in the galaxy is also the most mysterious. Many legends and stories have arisen over the years, but few facts are known of the man called Boba Fett, or his link to Han Solo’s past. Since the Clone Wars, Fett has worked as a mercenary, a soldier, a personal guard, an assassin, and most frequently, as the most expensive bounty hunter in the known systems.

Fett wears the armor of the Mandalore supercommandos, a group of evil warriors who were defeated by the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars. Fett had it modified to fit his needs as a bounty hunter. His helmet has a macrobinocular viewplate, motion and sound sensors, infrared capabilities, an internal comlink with his ship, the Slave I, and a broadband antenna for intercepting and decoding transmissions. His wrist gauntlets house lasers, a miniature flame projector, and a fibercord whip/grappling device. On his back, a powerful jet pack also houses a turbo-projected magnetic grappling hook with a 20 meter lanyard. Worn over his dirty flightsuit, Fett’s equipment includes knee-pad rocket rocket dart launchers, spiked boots, and a concussion grenade. Braided Wookiee scalps hang over his right shoulder, and a BlasTech EE_3 rifle makes sure no one argues with him. Fearless, methodical, and as unpredictable as the shifting sands of Tatooine, Fett has worked for numerous ganglords, including Jabba the Hutt. He was working for Jabba when a call for bounty hunters was received from the Empire, Fett tracked down his old nemesis, Han Solo, for Darth Vader, and was rewarded with the smuggler’s body, frozen in carbonite.

For us 12 year olds of the day Boba Fett was the definition of cool. Mysterious, deadly and, thanks to his return in Dark Empire, full of potential. It didn’t matter how he went out in Return of the Jedi; this was a character that provided an instant gateway to Star Wars adventure.

All this meant his toy was in high demand. Yet when my friends and I did finally manage to snag one, it wasn’t quite the score we’d hoped for…

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Star Wars POTF2: The Second Wave

Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian & Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) action figures from Power of the Force (POTF2) Wave 2 | Green Card Back

POTF2 Strikes Back!

The second wave of Power of the Force (POTF2) hit retail in late summer 1995 (at the same time as wave one for those of us in the UK). This assortment comprised of just three figures: Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot), Lando Calrissian and Boba Fett.

It was a character selection that took the fledgling line beyond A New Hope and straight into The Empire Strikes Back, with Snowspeeder Pilot Luke Skywalker (ignore the card back nomenclature and look at the grey gloves and boots) becoming the first new version of a character produced since 1985.

At a third of the size of wave one, this selection worked more as a addition to the first nine figures than a like-for-like follow up. Yet it still added a new dimension to the play possibilities. Lando Calrissian was another pilot for the Millennium Falcon, and Boba Fett another foe for the Rebels to fight. Meanwhile the new Luke Skywalker looked right at home in the cockpit of the X-Wing Fighter. This figure also became the first signal that we were going to get a whole lotta Luke in this line… but then that’s a topic that deserves an article to itself.

It’s true that Lando embodies the worst muscular excesses of early POTF2. Was the slimmed down Power of the Jedi Lando Calrissian (Bespin Escape) welcome by 2001? Of course. But as the picture shows, these toys still work together as a collective whole.

The second wave of POTF2 brought hype and new characters to the fledgling line – in other words, it did exactly what it needed to do. Not bad going for a stop-gap release.


Jaina Solo (Black Series 6″) Review

Jaina Solo (Black Series) Figure Review | Green Card Back

Black Series, 2017

Accessories: Lighsaber, Blaster, Helmet, Flight Vest
Appears in: Expanded Universe

Card Back: Daughter of Leia Organa and Han Solo, Jaina Solo is a Jedi student of Luke Skywalker. Like her father, she is also a crack pilot and skilled mechanic. Like her mother, she is a born leader.

Jaina Solo’s appearance in the Star Wars Black Series line is something of an outlier under Disney’s stewardship of the franchise. Jaina was the winner of a Hasbro fans poll that ended up causing acrimony amongst some collectors due to the way that Expanded Universe fans organised themselves for a unified vote. Given that the nomination of Jaina was a reaction to Rey in The Force Awakens it’s surprising that Disney let the result stand. The mouse wasn’t as lenient for the next fan vote, when several valid selections were thrown from the ballot.

Given the way that the Sequel Trilogy has unfolded it’s difficult not to feel a bit of positive bias towards Jaina Solo, even if I’m not hugely familiar with the Expanded Universe stories she takes part in. But, this is a review of the toy rather than a commentary on Star Wars overall (because there’s not enough of that on this blog already) – so let’s see how Black Series Jaina Solo figure holds up in its own right…

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Inferno Squad Agent (Black Series 6″) Review

Black Series Battlefront 2 Inferno Squad Agent Review | Green Card Back

Black Series, 2017

Accessories: BlasTech E-11 Blaster
Appears in: Battlefront 2

Card Back: In the wake of the Death Star’s destruction, the Empire created the Inferno Squad to ensure that Imperial secrets would remain safe. Their fierce loyalty to the Empire and exceptional skills in both aerial and ground combat set this squad apart from the rank and file troopers.

Dice recognised the inherent cool factor of the TIE Pilot design when developing Battlefront 2. The developer made Inferno Squad – the Empire’s crack commando unit and playable campaign characters – a group of special forces TIE Pilots with extra red markings to set them apart; proving, alongside Sith lightsabers, that red still means danger even in a galaxy far, far away…

Released exclusively in the US at Gamestop and in the UK at Game (and also available from online retailers such as In Demand Toys), the Black Series Inferno Squad Agent saw release in late 2017, making it to these shores at the start of the year.

That means if you want it, the chances are you already have it. But if you’re on the fence – maybe I can help you!

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C-3PO (The Last Jedi Budget Line) Review

The Last Jedi (Budget Line) C-3PO Figure Review | Gr

The Last Jedi (Budget Line), 2017

Accessories: N/A
Appears in: Revenge of the Sith, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi

Card Back: C-3PO is a droid programmed for etiquette and protocol, built by the heroic Jedi Anakin Skywalker, and a constant companion to astromech R2-D2.

One of the nicer yet more inconsequential surprises of Star Wars collecting in recent years has been the line of cheaper, limited articulation action figures on sale in budget stores. These affordable figures have spanned the saga with sometimes as little as 3POA, but the price makes them almost worth it for certain shelf-filler characters.

I say almost worth it, because there’s a key issue with the line – size. Way too big for the 3.75″ line and that little bit too short for 6″, after getting the undersized Darth Vader from 2016’s Rogue One line I had consigned these figures to their own odd little subsection marked ‘no need to buy’.

That all changed when C-3PO saw release in this year’s The Last Jedi wave. So is he a game changer? Click through to find out!

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