Positive Fandom #3: The Vintage Collection

Positive Fandom #3: The Vintage Collection | Green Card Back

Earlier this year Star Wars all but disappeared from my display shelves.

The POTF2 Millennium Falcon, a Black Series OT Stormtrooper helmet, a boxed Sphero BB-8 and the 1997 Special Edition VHS box set (the silver widescreen edition) were the only hold-outs on shelves resplendent with Transformers and comic books. A combination of dissatisfaction with Disney’s handling of the franchise, an inability to truly love the 6″ Black Series (despite genuinely trying) and the continued push of 5POA 3.75″ figures all kept me at arms length. As much as I still love Star Wars, it had started to feel like a piece of my history.

Yet the last few months have seen me more pumped about George Lucas’ saga than at any time since early 2018 – and this enthusiasm has nothing to do with the new films or media. It’s all thanks to the triumphant return of the Vintage Collection.

To give that enthusiasm a voice, it’s time for a list article. Click on through for GCB’s 5 reasons to be cheerful for the Star Wars Vintage Collection in 2019!

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Star Wars POTF2: The Second Wave

Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian & Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) action figures from Power of the Force (POTF2) Wave 2 | Green Card Back

POTF2 Strikes Back!

The second wave of Power of the Force (POTF2) hit retail in late summer 1995 (at the same time as wave one for those of us in the UK). This assortment comprised of just three figures: Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot), Lando Calrissian and Boba Fett.

It was a character selection that took the fledgling line beyond A New Hope and straight into The Empire Strikes Back, with Snowspeeder Pilot Luke Skywalker (ignore the card back nomenclature and look at the grey gloves and boots) becoming the first new version of a character produced since 1985.

At a third of the size of wave one, this selection worked more as a addition to the first nine figures than a like-for-like follow up. Yet it still added a new dimension to the play possibilities. Lando Calrissian was another pilot for the Millennium Falcon, and Boba Fett another foe for the Rebels to fight. Meanwhile the new Luke Skywalker looked right at home in the cockpit of the X-Wing Fighter. This figure also became the first signal that we were going to get a whole lotta Luke in this line… but then that’s a topic that deserves an article to itself.

It’s true that Lando embodies the worst muscular excesses of early POTF2. Was the slimmed down Power of the Jedi Lando Calrissian (Bespin Escape) welcome by 2001? Of course. But as the picture shows, these toys still work together as a collective whole.

The second wave of POTF2 brought hype and new characters to the fledgling line Рin other words, it did exactly what it needed to do. Not bad going for a stop-gap release.


Find of the Millennium

Star Wars Vintage Kenner Millennium Falcon | Green Card Back

There aren’t many stories about the vintage Kenner Milliennium Falcon that start with a potentially tragic story about a baby bird… But then this isn’t really a normal Star Wars story.

After a session of gardening at home this lunchtime, my wife and I started the process of clearing up. As I raked across the driveway gravel something caught my eye and made me jump in shock – a tiny baby bird, covered in down and wriggling on its back.

After a quick Google and a phone call we made a makeshift nest for it out of a shallow tub and grass clippings, covered it over with cotton wool for insulation and hit the road to the local vets.

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Star Wars at New York Toy Fair 2019

Star Wars at New York Toy Fair 2019 | Green Card Back

Mid-February marks every toy nerds favourite industry event – New York Toy Fair. It’s the premiere opportunity for the biggest names in plastic merchandising to show off their wares for the upcoming year.

Hasbro is no exception, and from Transformers to Overwatch, the Pawtucket toy company made a splash this year. But it was the company’s Star Wars reveals that I was waiting for.

And reveal they most certainly did.

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