Star Wars Black Series: Most Appreciated


This year marks the fifth Black Series Most Wanted list I’ve put together across two successive collecting blogs. As you’d guess, Hasbro have checked a fair few figures off these lists since 2013 (albeit with a few notable hold outs). Therefore, today I’m taking a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the great work they’ve done so far…

Let’s start with the earliest list and move forwards from there, shall we?

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Attack of the Prequel Black Series!

Prequel Trilogy Black Series Battle Droids | Green Card Back

Despite the inclusion of Darth Maul in the very first wave of Black Series figures way back in 2013, Prequel Trilogy characters have been slow to make an appearance in the 6″ line. However, between this year’s Lucca Comic Con in Italy and MCM here in London, it looks a lot like Hasbro is starting to right that particular imbalance…

From Jedi to Senators, we’ve got it all to look forward to over the coming months. Click through for more!

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Star Wars IRL #2: May the Toys Be With You!

Star Wars In Real Life #2 - May the Toys Be With You | Green Card Back

Palitoy is a name familiar to vintage Star Wars toy collectors the world over. However, it wasn’t until I attended Leicester New Walk Museum’s May the Toys Be With You exhibition that I realised quite how close to home the toy company actually was…

Running to the end of October, May the Toys Be With You is home to a breathtaking retrospective on vintage Star Wars action figures and posters. We had a great time soaking up the nostalgia these old items evoked – and given you’re here, I imagine you’d enjoy it too.

Click through to see some of that glorious vintage plastic crack!

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NYCC 2018 Black Series Reveals

NYCC 2018 Black Series Reveals | Green Card Back

Hello there!

Straight up, it feels pretty much like Hasbro planned this year’s New York Comic Con Black Series reveals on the theme of figures that *I* wanted to see – even if I didn’t know it before I saw them. 9PM Sunday was the point at which I should have told the big H to get out of my brain, but to be honest if this many great looking figures is the payoff for their sly mind-reading techniques then they can rootle around in there for as long as they like…

So what’s gotten me so excited? Glad you asked. Click on through to find out!

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The Complete Solo 6″ Black Series Checklist

The Complete Solo 6" Black Series Checklist | Green Card Back

Han Solo’s debut solo cinematic adventure is fresh in the mind this week thanks to the Bluray and DVD release, and it’s good to see it again. Solo may have gotten short shrift from cinema-goers but it’s getting a lot of love from Hasbro – and rightly so, we say.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of every Solo 6″ Black Series figure (and vehicle) released to date. Keep checking back for any updates as and when Hasbro announces more Solo 6″ figures!

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