Green Card Back is the Star Wars fan site for a more civilised age.

Originally started as a place for Power of the Force 2 action figure photography, Green Card Back has grown over the years into a celebration of a golden era for Star Wars: the 1990s. From POTF2 to LucasArts, the birth of the Expanded Universe and of course the Special Editions, the decade saw Star Wars reclaim a cultural spotlight that it’s held ever since – and that’s what Green Card Back is here to celebrate.

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Hi, my name is Joe and I’m a Star Wars fan from the UK. The work of George Lucas has inspired my life in countless ways, from my interests in sci-fi and toy collecting to my profession as a filmmaker. Along with Bill Watterson, Lucas taught me the incredible value of imagination, creativity, originality and self-belief, values that I try to adhere to every day.

The Force Awakens was not for me. Rogue One very much was, and remains one of the most unexpectedly joyous cinematic experiences of my life. It’s fair to say that I have mixed feelings about Star Wars under Disney…

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