Star Wars Black Series: Most Appreciated


This year marks the fifth Black Series Most Wanted list I’ve put together across two successive collecting blogs. As you’d guess, Hasbro have checked a fair few figures off these lists since 2013 (albeit with a few notable hold outs). Therefore, today I’m taking a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the great work they’ve done so far…

Let’s start with the earliest list and move forwards from there, shall we?


August 2013

With the first wave of Black Series figures proving a success I was quick to think about the next characters I wanted to see. Of these six choices four are now available, including this year’s General Grievous.

Over five years have passed since publishing this list! Moments like this make you realise how long you’ve been in the game… and how much patience pays when you’re a toy collector.


1. General Grievous (2019)

2. Yoda (2014)

3. Princess Leia (Boussh Disguise) (2015)

4. Darth Vader (2017)


February 2014

It’s the same success rate of four figures out of six for the second Most Wanted list, although all four of these have been out for a year at least. With such a heavy Original Trilogy focus I’m not surprised Hasbro have made so many – the line’s OT focus was noticeable for a long time. However, Qui-Gon Jinn was a pleasant surprise, and is a figure I would love to see again in the Archive line.


1. C-3PO (2017)

2. Qui-Gon Jinn (2017)

3. Princess Leia (ANH) (2017)

4. Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi (ANH) (2016)


January 2017

With the quality decline of the Black Series figures followed by the disappointing The Force Awakens, I took few years off from collecting. That is, of course, until Rogue One pulled me right back in.

This next selection is the least fruitful to date, which is surprising. There are some characters here that should be on Hasbro’s to-do list, and none more so than Bodhi Rook. Do it, Hasbro – make Bodhi Rook happen!


1. Rebel Fleet Trooper (2018)

2. Princess Leia (Hoth) (2018)

Geonosis Padme Amidala: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2018 | Green Card Back

January 2018

Last year’s list has been around for half the time of the one above yet been just as successful. I’m sure we’ll see an Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi and Crait Projection Luke Skywalker before too long, and in the case of Kenobi it wouldn’t be a moment too soon. I’m thrilled we’re finally getting Padme, and in my preferred outfit as well. Here’s hoping for a solid Prequel collection by the close of the year…


1. Han Solo (Bespin) (2018)

2. Padme Amidala (AOTC) (2019)


“How are we doing, kid?”

These lists are subjective wishes but I’ve gone for a realistic selection of characters each time out (except for Edrio Two-Tubes, but then we did get Zuvio). What this look back has shown to me is how much my collecting tastes have changed from 2013 to today.

When the line started, I was after OT figures with a strong focus on the original 12 and Return of the Jedi. Yet over the years I’ve become happy with POTF2 as my OT collection of choice – after all, it has a legitimate claim to be the definitive OT toy line. Meanwhile my interest in the Prequels has only grown, and I’m thrilled that so many figures from that era are finally seeing release. I’ve also become enamoured with the old EU and found space in my collection for both Jaina Solo and Darth Revan. Any future Legends figures are fine with me.

How about the Disney era? The Last Jedi confirmed the Sequel Trilogy as DOA, so I have no interest in any characters that couldn’t serve as an EU analogue (such as Crait Projection Luke). Yet Rogue One was excellent and Solo was good fun in parts, and I would buy new figures from either.

With further spin-off films on hold, the upcoming TV shows are our last hope for decent new additions to the saga. The Mandalorian looks like it could impress and provide plenty of toyetic elements, which means Disney isn’t out for the count yet…

Still, it’s old-school Star Wars that drives my interest and there are plenty of Lucas-era characters still left for Hasbro to do. With the Black Series going from strength to strength I can’t wait to see them realised.

Especially Bodhi Rook, Hasbro. Make it happen. Save the dream!



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