Attack of the Prequel Black Series!

Prequel Trilogy Black Series Battle Droids | Green Card Back

Despite the inclusion of Darth Maul in the very first wave of Black Series figures way back in 2013, Prequel Trilogy characters have been slow to make an appearance in the 6″ line. However, between this year’s Lucca Comic Con in Italy and MCM here in London, it looks a lot like Hasbro is starting to right that particular imbalance…

From Jedi to Senators, we’ve got it all to look forward to over the coming months. Click through for more!

Battle Droid

Black Series Battle Droid 6

Ever since we started getting PT Jedi and Clones in the Black Series we’ve needed some Trade Federation/Seperatist clankers for them to go up against – and at long last, here we are. It’s a standard Battle Droid grunt, with no colour stripes to indicate rank, and it’s utterly ideal for squad building. In the 6″ scale it also appears more substantial than the 3.75″ versions we’re used to – meaning, in other words, that it appears to be able to stand with no issues.

This one will sell and sell.

Mace Windu

Black Series Mace Windu with Jedi Robe | Green Card Back

Mace Windu is a bit like the PT’s version of Boba Fett. He doesn’t do much outside of the final third of the second film (where, much like Fett, he’s a badass), before being taken out by a sucker punch in the third film. Although in fairness that sucker punch comes from a combination of betrayal and the unfettered power of a Sith Lord rather than a blind guy with a stick, so maybe the comparison doesn’t fully land after all…

Unlike this figure. Hasbro have nailed the Samuel L. Jackson likeness and delivered a strong rendition of the Jedi garb – including, for the first time, an official soft goods Jedi robe. The Jango Fett on my PT shelf has suddenly started looking very worried…

Padme Amidala (Geonosis)

Black Series Padme Amidala (Geonosis) | Green Card Back

Queen of the Black Series reveals for me is this stunning rendition of Padme as she appears during the mission to Geonosis. One of my most wanted Black Series figures, it’s great to see Natalie Portman’s character finally make it into the 6″ line, and in her most pulp sci-fi costume as well.

Topping off the brilliant sculpt is the figure’s soft plastic scarf, an eminently better choice than fabric. Sometimes it feels like Hasbro is actually reading my Black Series Most Wanted lists…


That’s it for new toys coming down the pike, but then there’s the Black Series Archive line to think about. These re-issues of popular figures with new paint jobs are an exciting prospect for those of us that only dabbled in the line over the years or are brand new to it altogether.

Even with the new paint job Yoda still looks bad – kinda hard to believe that the POTF2 Flashback version from 20 years ago is still Hasbro’s best plastic rendition of the diminutive Jedi to date. Anakin Skywalker looks more than good enough to buy, especially considering that I missed him first time around. And the Scout Trooper? Instant purchase.


Following hot on the heels of Hasbro’s NYCC Black Series reveals it seems safe to say that 6″ Star Wars collectors are in for a treat over the coming year. For a line that seemed to lose its way early on, the Black Series is finally firing on all cylinders. And now they’ve kicked up a gear on the Prequel Trilogy figures? Well, that’s my money spent.

Good work, Hasbro.


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