Chewbacca (POTF2) Review

Power of the Force (POTF2) Chewbacca Figure Review | Green Card Back

Power of the Force, 1995

Accessories: Bowcaster, Heavy Blaster Rifle
Appears in: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back

Card Back: As Han Solo’s partner, Chewbacca the Wookiee (or Chewie, as Solo calls him) distinguished himself as a talented pilot, starship mechanic and smuggler. After being rescued from Imperial slavers by Solo, Chewbacca pledged a life debt to the rogue pilot and followed him to several different planets as their relationship grew and the two became close friends and partners. When Solo acquired the light freighter Millennium Falcon, he and Chewbacca began their career as intergalactic smugglers. Chewbacca’s reputation as a brawler gave him a distinct advantage in shady business negotiations, and it was he who initiated the deal to transport Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker from Tatooine to Alderaan.

Chewbacca aided in the rescue of Princess Leia, posing as a prisoner to allow Solo and Skywalker (disguised as Stormtroopers) entrance to the Death Star’s detention area. After their daring escape, Chewie convinced his friend Han Solo to assist the Rebel assault on the space station, which gave Luke Skywalker the chance he needed to destroy the Empire’s dreaded Battle Station.

It makes perfect sense that, just as in 1978, the Wookiee Chewbacca was the first alien character to receive an action figure in the modern line. After all, as Han Solo’s loyal co-pilot and bodyguard Chewie is as much a part of the Star Wars experience as Luke, Han and Leia themselves.

So how has Hasbro’s 1995 Chewbacca held up? Click on through to find out!

1995 Chewbacca Action Figure | Green Card Back

Let’s start from the top: the POTF2 Chewbacca looks great. While the opening waves of the modern line featured solid colour schemes (which would improve within a year or two), Chewbacca is cast in a light brown plastic and painted liberally with grey patches of fur across his head, chest, arms and legs. It’s a good effect that brings out the sculpted detail and is much more screen accurate than the solid brown of the vintage figure. The look is completed with his ever-present bandolier, painted a deep brown and accented with silver highlights.

Chewie’s face captures the same friendly, open mouthed look of the 1978 figure, updating it with superior sculpted detail and superb paint applications. The only slight criticism I have about his face is that his eyes aren’t quite blue enough – but then that’s about as nit-picky as you can get.

Star Wars Power of the Force Chewbacca Figure | Green Card Back

As with the rest of his POTF2 wave mates, it’s clear that Chewie hit the gym since the days of the vintage figure. He looks just the right side of ripped, although those are some shoulders and arms that the Rock would be proud of. It seems that to keep Chewie in scale with his bulky crew mates Hasbro had to make him even bigger but without hulking him out completely – hence why his proportions hold up a little better. That said, it’s still an issue when Chewbacca can’t fit into the cockpit of his own ship…

In terms of articulation Chewie is a 5POA figure – but not the five points you’d think. With his shaggy mane Chewbacca’s neck is solid, meaning the articulation comes from his swivel arms, legs and waist only.

Chewbacca comes packaged with his trusty Bowcaster (which as a kid I swore was a variation of a real-world weapon) and a heavy blaster rifle, his own POTF2 exclusive addition. While he can’t adopt any screen accurate poses he does still look good with the Bowcaster in hand.

"Will somebody get this giant walking carpet out of my way?"

The 1995 POTF2 Chewbacca showed the potential of the line more than any other first wave figure – and it remained the best A New Hope-specific Chewie until 2005.

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