A Closer Look at The Last Jedi

Disney used the D23 exposition to release new character posters and a video from behind-the-scenes of this December’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Together with the teaser trailer we’re getting a bit more of a sense of how the film will feel, if not necessarily how it will play out. There are positives – Rey looking very cool with her cloak and lightsaber, amongst some impressive visuals – but it’s difficult to take all of the “new, unique Star Wars” ego-stroking seriously after the similar praise that marched ahead of The Force Awakens.

The posters themselves are actually, genuinely something a little bit new and different for Star Wars. We’ve seen individual character promo shots before but the stark thematic red makes a striking change to the more literal representations we’re used to seeing…

Overall, the best way I can describe my feelings is probably… intrigued. The Force Awakens was a crushing disappointment, Rogue One a stunning surprise. I’ve been a fan of Rian Johnson for a long time now, but he’s starting from very wobbly foundations. I hope that his vision and creative integrity is enough to steer the film, and ultimately the franchise, back into the realms of imaginative storytelling where it belongs – but it really will be a case of believing it when I see it.

Still. As long as we get some good toys out of it, right?

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