The Black Series Goes Retro for Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary

Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Collection

This weekend it’s New York Toy Fair (yay!), which means we’re going to see a whole plethora of new action figure reveals to keep us buying plastic for the foreseeable future. It’s always great to see what Hasbro and co. have in store for us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get to see more of the new Black Series Vader, and maybe one or two characters from this recent wish list (Bhodi Rook in particular).

A few reveals have been leaked ahead of time, but unfortunately there’s really nothing new about them. Click on through to see the unfortunate problem with the Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary collection…

Black Series Goes Retro for Star Wars' 40th Anniversary

It’s been heavily rumoured that we’re going to see repackaged 6″ representations of the original 12 Star Wars figures, and this (unverified) picture of the first wave seems to support that.

The only two ‘O12’ figures still missing from the Black Series lineup are the Death Squad Commander and a Jawa, so it’s good that we may finally be getting these (although, much like the Ewoks, the Jawas simply need to be packed two to a card). Otherwise the figures are all repacks, which is great for those that are new to the line.

But those cards? Good grief.

Firstly, they don’t even make sense at this scale – surely a vintage Black Series look would be black and orange boxes, as per the original waves? I’m being facetious, but the vintage style really has no place on this line, especially when the execution doesn’t really land.

Star Wars Black Series 12" Vintage Box

Rebelscum user RUOKR2 posted this mock up box from ForceCult showing the vintage 12″ boxes design remade for the Black Series. I’m sure you’ll agree that this style works much better than the card back design; the boxes actually fit the scale of the figures, the window flap looks neat, and the design represents a vintage callback in a way that we haven’t seen before. Since Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectables have the monopoly on 12″ figures, this would have been a far more sensible option for Hasbro to take.

Furthermore, the Black Series boxes make it easy to remove figures for use and then repack for storage or display. Blister cards are redundant for any collector that wants to enjoy their collection to its full potential.

Secondly (and this is personal preference, I know) I just want the vintage look to go away already. It’s been four decades. Printing this same old design on a piece of cardboard isn’t magically taking any of us back to our youth; it’s just old at this point. Outdated. Redundant. I have a strong suspicion that Hasbro has only gone with this style to try and draw the hardcore 3.75″ fans over to the new scale.

Fair enough, I may well have woken up feeling a little grumpy this morning. And I am really stoked to see what new releases #NYTF17 has in store for us all. But with the exception of getting the characters that never made it to widespread UK retail, the Black Series 40th Anniversary Collection is a pass.

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