Embracing the Black Series

Rogue One Black Series figures - Jyn, Cassian and K2-SO | Green Card Back

So, why has the blog focus shifted to the 6″ figures?

The single main reason is that the bigger Black Series line is now the only realistic game in town for halfway-decent Star Wars figures. The 3.75″ Black Series line is distributed too poorly to be enjoyable to collect (and I say that with several big Asdas near me), whilst the 5POA figures just haven’t gelled with me whatsoever.

Yet it’s been this way for a while now, and I’ve been OK with it. I’ve still picked up the odd figure here or there whilst admiring the incredible toy photography that pops up daily on Instagram, but as a rule I’ve been able to hold firm.

Then, from seemingly nowhere, came an incentive to push me over the edge:

Rogue One.

To get the best versions of Jyn, Cassian and crew we’ve had to upscale. Before it was easy to be satisfied with 3.75″ versions of characters that I already had, but with no existing options for Rogue One the Black Series has become the only game in town. And I’m also OK with that.

So OK with it in fact that I’ve now got a range of characters from across the saga in the larger format.

Stardust - Jyn Erso from Star Wars Black Series | Green Card Back

POTF2 hasn’t gone away, worry not – I’ve got some articles in various states of completion that are all about the neo-vintage line. Much like the Naboo and the Gungans, as Green Card Back continues to evolve it’s becoming more and more about peaceful co-existence…

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