Black Series Most Wanted 2017

Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017

Let me throw some names your way.

With Qui Gon Jinn, Chirrut Îmwe, Baze Malbus, Jaina Solo and a (much needed) new Darth Vader on the way, the future looks bright for the 6″ Star Wars Black Series. That said, there’s still a galaxy of characters out there waiting to be made, from the Original Trilogy through to the Spin-Offs. With that in mind, Green Card Back presents:

The Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted List: 2017 Edition!

Without further ado, and in no particular order, let’s get on with the selections…

Edrio Two Tubes: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017 | Green Card Back

Edrio Two Tubes

Bounty Hunters and The Force Awakens aside, we’ve not seen much in the way of alien life in the Black Series. Hopefully as the 6″ line continues this will change, and when the onslaught of new movies slows Hasbro will get a chance to catch up. When that day happens, Edrio Two Tubes is a must-have.

True, I’d be happy to see all Saw Gerrera’s cell make it into plastic form, from Skinny Fortuna to Saw himself. However it was Edrio’s striking design that left a mark after my very first viewing of Rogue One. This is how new Star Wars aliens should look; functional, intimidating and, well, alien.

There are loads of characters from the Jedah sequence that I’d love to see made, but Edrio is at the top of the list.

Rebel Fleet Trooper: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017 | Green Card Back

Rebel Fleet Trooper

True, there’s one main reason why I would stock up on a couple of these guys. It’s to do with Rogue One, and that brand new Vader that I mentioned up top. You know, Death Star plan stuff. Nothing terrifying…

OK, a tangent. After seeing Rogue One for the first time, I left the cinema with the Empire Strikes Back soundtrack blaring out of my car. A father and his sons (both younger than 10) smiled as I went past and the boys started jumping excitedly as they made their way into the cinema. If those kids did indeed go and see Rogue One, I could only imagine that they had some awful nightmares that night.

Anyway, Black Series Rebel Fleet Trooper. As well as being an army builder this guy can do double duty across film displays. It might be too much to ask for interchangeable heads, but you know that would be the icing on the cold-blooded murder cake.

Wicket W. Warwick: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017 | Green Card Back

Ewok Two Pack

I love the Ewoks. Always have, always will, and having a few of the furry buggers in 1/12 scale is long overdue.

The most critical point for Hasbro to realise (in the unlikely event that anyone with any influence will read this) is how imperative it is that we get two Ewoks to a single pack. Two Ewoks, one pack, standard RRP. The characters are too small and the figures cost too much to justify anything less.

With that deal-breaker out of the way, Wicket is an obvious choice. He’s the main Ewok, the friendliest, and even starred in two movies and a cartoon. For my second selection I’d actually eschew the more decorated Chief Chirpa or Logray and go with another ‘standard’ grunt – Paploo. A critter who we know would go well with the Speeder Bike…

Paploo the Ewok: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017 | Green Card Back

Bodhi Rook: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017 | Green Card Back

Bodhi Rook

With Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus coming later this year we’ll have five of the six Rogue One crew. There’s no way we can get that close without finally getting Bodhi Rook, the last character we need!

Bodhi isn’t the biggest action hero in the film but he’s an integral part of the team. His actions trigger the entire mission, and he’s involved from Jedah to Scarrif. It goes without saying that our Rogue One line-ups won’t be complete without him.

Jodo Kast: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017 | Green Card Back

Jodo Kast

Darth Revan won the first fan vote, Jaina Solo won the second. We know Disney is hoping that the vast Legends fan base just goes away, but then they’d be letting huge demand go unfulfilled… and that means leaving money on the table.

If you saw the cynical cash grab that was The Force Awakens, you’d know that that’s not Disney’s style.

Jodo Kast, antagonist of one of the coolest Dark Horse Comics, is easy. Take that already fine Boba Fett mold, give him a new paint job, put him in a box and send him to the shops. No new tooling required.

That simple? Yes. Kast is literally a Boba Fett impersonator with a different colour scheme. Hasbro already has everything they need – except, we can speculate, permission from above. Make it so, mouse overlord.

Jodo Kast: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017 | Green Card Back

Jar Jar Binks

There’s a lot of accepted ‘truths’ about the Prequel Trilogy that don’t hold water. The biggest victim of these misconceptions and falsehoods (after Lucas himself, of course), is Jar Jar Binks.

Is the Gungan annoying in The Phantom Menace? In one or two scenes, yes. Almost as annoying as C-3PO in The Empire Strikes Back. But he’s not even the most irritating part of the film (hello, Jake Lloyd’s acting), and he brings a spark of life and fun to the proceedings.

Gungans don’t get much love from Hasbro, but Jar Jar is one of those characters that they tend to knock out of the park when they do make him. He’s a good design, very toyetic, and I’d love to add him to the collection.

Princess Leia: Star Wars Black Series Most Wanted 2017 | Green Card Back

Princess Leia (Hoth)

When Carrie Fisher passed away in December I posted a picture of her in remembrance. I wanted to remember the Princess at her best, and as far as I’m concerned that was during the evacuation of Hoth.

It’s a costume that’s packed with detail, and given previous 3.75″ versions we know how well Hasbro can do it. With Hoth versions of Luke and Han already available, the Princess is the last one we need to complete the trio – and I imagine it would sell like crazy.


These choices veer from the implausible (Jodo Kast) to the near-certain (Hoth Leia, Jar Jar Binks). The release schedule of the films doesn’t allow for too many characters to hit the Black Series, but then I imagine that Disney is aware of the risk of diminishing returns. At some point the film series will have to take a breather – and that’s when the Black Series will hit top gear.

These are all my opinion, so if you agree (or otherwise) it’d be great to hear your thoughts in the comments!

This is my third Black Series Most Wanted list since the line started – check out Part One and Part Two!


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