Ric Olié (Episode I) Review

Ric Olie Figure Review | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995-2000The Phantom Menace, 1999

Accessories: Helmet, Naboo Blaster
Appears in: The Phantom Menace

Card Back: Ric Olié is the pilot of the ill-fated Naboo spacecraft carrying Queen Amidala to Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic. Their quest is to recruit help for the besieged planet of Naboo.

When the first wave of figures for The Phantom Menace was revealed way back in early ’99 I distinctly remember seeing the spacer garb of Ric Olié and thinking “this is a cool-looking character that I want to know more about”. I was under the impression that this pilot of the Queen’s fleet was going to have a bigger role in the film than he ultimately did, and perhaps play some kind of Han Solo-esque rogue who would teach young Anakin the first things he needed to know about flying.

Of course this was The Phantom Menace, and so disappointment naturally followed. Ric Olié was barely memorable outside of some small internet notoriety under the nickname ‘Captain Obvious’, and his inclusion in the first wave of figures highlights the variety of the Star Wars line more than anything else.

But still, variety’s never a bad thing, right?

Ric Olie Figure Review | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995-2000

Olié comes with a Naboo blaster, a removable helmet, and a CommTech chip that doubles as a stand. The blaster is nice, looking close enough to the prop for the scale and actually being properly painted with silver details on either side of the black barrel. The helmet shows similar care to attention, with a maroon base decorated with uniquely sculpted silver rivets, grey straps, bronze ear protectors, and finished off with black lenses for the goggles. It’s a tight fit and unless you’re a particular fan of actor Ralph Brown you’re going to want to keep it on anyway. The likeness to Brown is decent, but Olié looks better with the helmet on.

Ric Olie Figure Review | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995-2000

The paint apps for the figure are mostly clean with each item of clothing being one solid colour. The exception is the sculpted harness, which looks great and breaks up the otherwise empty torso. It’s a brown base coat, which is pretty clean on my figure, with darker brown straps, a black pouch and silver buckle detailing on top. Olié looks just like the Naboo Royal Pilots from the film, but if you remove him from that context he looks like a pulp sci-fi hero in his own right.

Olié has the basic six points of articulation and a decent centre of gravity so he’s pretty stable. The cuts in his jacket allow him to actually sit in the Naboo N-1 Starfighter – it’s  a bit of a squeeze but he still makes it – and he looks good standing on his own as well.

Ric Olie Figure Review | Green Card Back - Star Wars Action Figures 1995-2000

Ric Olié is a crap character but he’s one that got a solid action figure. It’s nuts to see what Hasbro were willing to do 16 years ago to support a new Star Wars film compared to the figures they’re releasing for The Force Awakens… But then that’s another post completely.

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