Han Solo in Endor Gear (POTF2) Review

Han Solo in Endor Gear from Star Wars POTF2 (1997) | Green Card Back

Power of the Force, 1997

Accessories: Blaster Pistol
Appears in: Return of the Jedi

Card Back: Han Solo commanded a strike force of freedom fighters whose mission it was to sabotage the Imperial shield generator protecting the new Death Star. However, a surprise visit from some of Endor’s native Ewoks appears to present an uncalculated setback.

Han Solo in Endor Gear became a bit of a running joke to me personally, as long after The Phantom Menace had been and gone there were still several sitting in my local Woolworths, covered in dust with bubbles starting to yellow.

That created a stigma towards the figure for me. Surely, it must be rubbish if no-one’s bought it, right? How is he going to sit in the Tydirium cockpit with that solid trench coat? How am I ever going to afford a Tydirium in the first place? Such questions must have plagued me for all of about thirty seconds before I went to look at the AOTC Saga figures instead.

I recently picked up Endor Han in an ROTJ eBay grab bag, and boy was I wrong: this Han Solo is a figure that was designed for some serious forest moon action.

Endor Han Solo, POTF2 & Harrison Ford | Green Card Back

It utilises the same chest and stance as the Star Wars Han Solo figure, but with a new head sculpt that captures Harrison Ford remarkably well. One thing that the POTF2 line was consistently good at was capturing Ford’s look. It is a caricature, but then given the exaggerated physiques on display across the line, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This figure is unmistakably Han Solo.

The paint job is very simple, with flat colours for the base costume that are very much in keeping with the early waves. The trench coat has a dry brush style dusting but that’s the only kind of texture afforded to the paint apps. Endor Han is from the point when POTF2 started to transition towards the kind of textured, weathered paint jobs that suited the later figures so well, but he isn’t quite there yet. The overall effect works nicely though; Endor Han looks like the character and looks like a toy. Win-win.

In terms of articulation Han has the usual six points: head, arms, waist and hips. The trench coat adds some weight to the figure but if anything it centres the balance, as this Han can stand up far easier than the Star Wars version. As mentioned, he can’t sit down – but then who can afford a Tydirium, huh?

Endor Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures, POTF2 | Green Card Back

What’s really won me over is just how solid Endor Han is – he straightaway feels like a toy. He’s in an action stance, he’s easy to stand up, he’s got a massive gun and even now, over a decade after I laughed at him sitting on a peg in Woolworths, you get the feeling that you could leave this figure outside in the elements for years and it would still be in one piece.

Han Solo in Endor Gear is an action figure that knows exactly what it is. And for that, I’m a big fan.

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